Back in business

Let’s add some closure to the failing of my MacBook hard drive. I received the new drive the following day. It was waiting for me at my front door when I awoke, awesome. But wow, no signature required on a $400+ package? Brought the box inside, and before I ate breakfast I had my old drive out and the new drive it. Which was quite a pleasant replacement experience, proving that Apple defiantly intelligently engineers it’s products. Then I plugged in my FireWire drive, booted from Leopard Cd, formatted drive and restored from back-up. Within 2 hours plus I was back up and running, and everything was just like it was the day my old drive had failed. This entire process was beautiful. Other then having to send my old hard drive back to apple, I am quite pleased and have never had a more pleasurable hard drive crash. Needled to say I have pre-ordered Apple’s Time Capsule, just to have an additional backup layer.

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