Facebook, NNN, Opera Party, Stolen Gift Craziness

The facebook friends.get party was pretty wild. But lets hold off for a second. The night started off at the “Rock Bands Rock Opera” Party.
Strike It Dos
Only stayed long enough to pound 1 beer, then headed off to the Next New Networks party; which rocked!Cedar Street Courtyard Next New Networks "Hey! Ho! Let's Go!"The open bar top shelf aspect definitely fueled the fire, and the rockin’ live music, provided by Brenn and the Vettes, topped it all off. Check out this sick HD performance recorded by my man DYKC here.
Brenn Rock Out
Ok, so one real quick story: Danny and I ran into someone at the bar, who at the time we didn’t know was iJustine. I took a picture of her holding her Junior Mints Lunchbox and only later upon showing people the picture were they like “Dude awesome picture of iJustine” RIGHT ON!
Official Junior Mints Spokesperson
Anyways, Danny was in rare form that night and proceeded to take/borrow this gift wrapped box Justine was carrying and refused to give it back. She finally got frustrated, told him to keep the gift, and left. Jusine if your reading this I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive Danny, he is one hell-of-person with a heart of gold. On this particular night the evil bartender kept feeding Danny jagermeister and it was this jagermeister that got the best of him. As for the giftwrapped box… No Idea.

Coming in fresh and toasted from the NNN party we arrived at the facebook party around 1:00 am. I remembering being fascinated with the amount of facebook paraphernalia: video’s, ceiling projections, schwagged-out bartenders, facebook laptops. And man, people were wasted!

It was an awesome night of partying, meeting people, and stealing presents from strangers (definitely not recommended).

2 responses to “Facebook, NNN, Opera Party, Stolen Gift Craziness

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  2. Hahaha!! That is realllllly really funny. I forgot about that gift. Wonder where it ended up?

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