Monthly Archives: June 2008

Biography in Process

Imagine what information, advice, and ideas the world would have easy and free access to if the technology that is abundant today was available in centuries past. Granted we have a crap ton of books and essays and other writings documenting the histories, thoughts and ideas of great men and women; but what additional “gifts” would they have left us if they had blogs and YouTubes accounts?

What additional gifts would Benjamin Franklin have have left us? What YouTube clips, thoughts on meta-physics, blog posts on being industrious? It cannot be imagined how many more gifts he would have left the world. And this is only one individual! On top of that Franklin wouldn’t have had to entrust his life papers to a irresponsible illegitimate grandson, where they eventually found their way into a tailors shop and where used as patterns and weren’t rediscovered until 1840. Where as, a nice home at would have been much cozier.

But what about all the great men and woman of the world, since the beginning of time? dating as far back as Moses? Imagine if Jesus had a blog. That would be insane! and may even help answer numerous questions of today, questions many seek and questions many would rather not seek.

I am sure this idea of, the ease of which “gifts” can now be given to humanity is apparent to many, I however am finally visualizing and realizing the true potential and effects of the abundance of easy and cheap tech.

The downside is a constant state of information overload. However there are already many tools in service which help sort for the needles in the haystacks, targeting your specific interests, and I bet the tools will only get more refined and sophisticated.

All that being said I have decided to use my home here at and fresh out the box YouTube channel, ethanbloch, to post a constant state of updates, thoughts, information and experiences in and about my life. Even if this proves helpful to 1 person, I will be satisfied, however I hope it to be helpful to multitudes more then 1. You may be asking yourself what makes me special? Well my Mom told me I was special when I was 6!

Seriously though, I am on a mission to revolutionize the world, as I have been telling friends and family since 7 years of age, and I figure it best to not have to count on an illegitimate grandson to spread my “gifts” amongst the world.