Where do you spend your time?

I think this is an awesome question to ask everyone you come into contact with over the next week. Whether it’s the peeps you know through social media or ‘real people’ such as co-workers, colleagues and fellow students: Where do you spend your time?

Where do I spend my time?

By day I work for Cake Financial answering every customer question that comes in by email or phone and engaging people on-site in conversations. I also help develop and execute user acquisition strategies (SEO, Social Media, Video). It’s amazing to see what smart hard working people can accomplish in such short periods of time.

Detail: Cake Financial is bringing transparency to the world of investing for the small time investor, that’s you, me and everybody else pretty much.

But that’s just my day job, by night I work my face off building the new-age-new network openSermo. The idea is to keep it real, keep the news real, no pun intended. Let’s really tell people what the frack is going on and do so in a way they can understand. Currently we have just one production, What Should You Know?, which I host. Hopefully you’ve already watched an episode if not, get over there and hit play! My time here is split between writing material, filming with my Director and editing with my Editor, Tim Hahn, releasing and responding to every email and comment.

Detail: openSermo is recreating the news broadcast.

When I can spare a few cycles I contribute to my side project TheWayToBuildWealth.org. A blog where I share investment hacks, approaches, and wisdom I’ve discovered and continue to discover. Read the background here

Detail: The Way To Build Wealth shares hacks, tips and wisdom on how to build wealth through investments in common stock.

In between all of these main tasks I read: magazines, newspapers (yes the real tangible ones, I love the feel and smell a real newspaper), books (currently reading Titan), blogs (my shared feeds). This is where I source information for What Should You Know? as well as keep on top of world and business news for TheWayToBuildWealth.org. This piece may have come last, but it is the most important.

What keeps me going?
The drive to change the world. I wake up everyday knowing that today is another day on my path towards making real change in the world.

How do I find the time?
I don’t own a television, and I don’t have a girlfriend or a family. The latter of which I will eventually have to figure out how to manage. No TV? Screw TV, I watch what I wan’t through Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and YouTube all on my computer. It’s tough watching epsiode of BSG on my 23″ widescreen monitor, but totally acceptable.

What do I need to start?
Going to the Rock Gym down the street and getting back into Kick Boxing. i.e. physical activities.

But that’s enough about me.

Where do you spend your time?


3 responses to “Where do you spend your time?

  1. If you really want to know what is important to someone, check to see how they spend their time AND money.

  2. Wow, I feel like we have a lot in common with regards to how we spend our time and how we view things. I’m the same, I don’t watch TV, I love to read and find ways to improve daily & I don’t have a boyfriend to suck up all my time. That will come eventually, but for now I feel that I need to work on building up my career and skills, and accomplishing a dream or two. =)

  3. Ha, I don’t watch TV either. My normal day goes something like this: Wake up @ 7:30 take my daughter to the bus stop, come back and hit the Currency charts until I have made 2% for that day. sometimes done if 5 minutes, sometimes in a few hours. After that, I am juggling taking care of my 4 month old son and cleaning, laundry, dishes and checking up on other traders. Then the wife comes home from work and we usually watch a movie from redbox or play some Xbox360. After dinner, its daughter in bed @ 8:30 and we shut down between 9pm-10pm to start the whole routine the next day…

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