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openSermo updates and sxsw

A brief recap. I woke up on Feb. 5th to my 60 Second episode, Super Tuesday, on the homepage of YouTube, craziness! This drove a massive influx of visitors to my site and I was unprepared. But this definitely got me some great exposure. That episode now has over 26k views and I am thankful to everyone over at YouTube News & Politics for giving me the opportunity, especially David McMillian, who was kind enough to notify me of my homepage appearance.

Fast forward. Since then I’ve been working double time. A few new episodes. Some not so happily received. Created a few openSermo shorts which are currently circulating the net; check em out here and here. Got a special tribute video in the works. More on that soon. And finally we have some set lighting, if you can call it that: 18″ fluorescents taped to 7 ft metal shelving rods (check out the pic below). Thanks to Walter Graff @ Bluesky Production Group for the idea; however lacking tripods, we Macgyvered the hanging rods.

And earlier today, I started pondering if I should attend SXSW. Yeah it’s a bit late and unfortunately I’m gonna have to pay a heavy price due to this lateness; I’m still trying to work out the economics. However, this will be my first SXSW. If anyone has any tips, thoughts, or plans to attend, definitely let me know.

Low Budget Set Lighting Low Budget Set Lighting


Not as crazy as I thought

bank robbers
In the 60 Second episode from Tuesday, I talked about 4 unsuccessful bank robbers in Venezuela, who were given permission by the police, to flee the scene in an ambulance. Turns out the police ended up catching them on the highway. All four men had been drinking and using drugs, were all in their twenties and one of the men had accidentally shot himself in the leg. No hostages were injured. A safe ending, to a scary story.