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Beyond the Blogosphere

The Wine Guy

This is a quick recap of the Beyond the Blolgosphere panel at SXSW Monday March 10, 2008. This recap mainly covers conversations after the panel ended. Bottom line: Great two way communication. Great information. Panelists were awesome!

Gary Vaynerchuck is the man. Great speaker, to the point, truthfull awesome! It was a wonderful session, one of the best I atteneded.

After the session ended, I spoke with Nicole Lapin, an anchor at CNN.com, in fact she is the youngest anchor in CNN history, at age 22? Lapin anchors “Now in the News,” a fast-paced hourly Web- and wireless-exclusive news update, and provides briefings on CNN/U.S. news. My initial question was what she thought of the current state of broadcast news. Then I told her I thought the 3-letter news broadcast was dying.

Probably not the best way to introduce myself. She stated what she is doing at CNN.com/Live and told me to give them a chance and watch more. She also said, it’s not dead, things are changing she told me. She was also evangelising CNN’s iReport. One gentleman from Current was grilling her on iReports practice of not compensating the user for a picked submission.

Anywho, I told her I submitted videos to iReport. She told me each video is reviewed. I told her that I mentioned the death of the 3-letter news broadcast in my submissions and she hinted that may have a small thing to do with them not being approved. She then brought in a guy standing to my left into the conversation, and introduced him as someone who works on iReport and told me to keep submitting my videos. Then then this dude told me, mutiple times, to keep submitting, submiting, submitting and then throws in, “repeatedly click on the ad’s”. Uhhhh, ok?

I then talked to a gentleman from Revision3. I told him they have to to do a news show. Considering the distribution they possess, they could do get tons of people informed and interested in the news again. He asked me if I had any ideas what the show would look like? I said I had it right here and proceeded to show him a few clips from openSermo on my iPod nano. He liked it, from what I could tell, and asked to see more, gave me his card and told me to contact him to talk more in depth and to share more clips.

(Update: After the Scaling panel, I approached Kevin Rose and told him I met this guy from Rev3 and asked Kevin if he could give me his opinion on openSermo. On a side note, Kevin is awesome, real chill and willing to talk. Honestly, I cant imagine how many times he gets approached regularly, and to still be this chill, mad props Kevin.)
Candid Rose


Theatrical News, Is Bad News

Just stumbled upon this video, compliments of Dave Winer. Do yourself a favor and watch this video. If anything, just to hear Jon Stewart rip on dudes Bow Tie. I whole heartedly agree with John, not just about the Bow Tie, but everything he so casually details. About a year ago, I covered this from a different perspective.