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SXSWi 2008 a few thoughts

SXSWi 2008 has been awesome. Total sensory overload is actually a better description. I meant to write more and post pictures and video over @ blog.opensermo.com. But, it’s been such a fast ride, haven’t really had the time to do anything but meet people, talk, drink and eat.

Just to see the crowd harass Sarah Lacey, during the Mark Zuckerberg interview, was worth the price of admission. Mark was great for Mark, other then the countless repetition of the 2 key words: communication and empathy. However, I’m not going blather on about the details of this interview, I think Nick O’Neil does a fine job here.

Breifly covered my favorite panel here.

About to head out and grab some barbecue. Then another night out in Austin. Man this city rocks!



Humorous Pictures

So far, out of all the panels at SXSWi 2008, LOLWUT? has been the best. A panel with the creator (Eric Nakagawa) and CEO (Ben Huh ) of icanhascheezburger.com.

Enteratining. Informative. Inspiring. These 2 guys rocked.

Take away quote: “The good solutions are the simple solutions.”