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Not as crazy as I thought

bank robbers
In the 60 Second episode from Tuesday, I talked about 4 unsuccessful bank robbers in Venezuela, who were given permission by the police, to flee the scene in an ambulance. Turns out the police ended up catching them on the highway. All four men had been drinking and using drugs, were all in their twenties and one of the men had accidentally shot himself in the leg. No hostages were injured. A safe ending, to a scary story.


Back in business

Let’s add some closure to the failing of my MacBook hard drive. I received the new drive the following day. It was waiting for me at my front door when I awoke, awesome. But wow, no signature required on a $400+ package? Brought the box inside, and before I ate breakfast I had my old drive out and the new drive it. Which was quite a pleasant replacement experience, proving that Apple defiantly intelligently engineers it’s products. Then I plugged in my FireWire drive, booted from Leopard Cd, formatted drive and restored from back-up. Within 2 hours plus I was back up and running, and everything was just like it was the day my old drive had failed. This entire process was beautiful. Other then having to send my old hard drive back to apple, I am quite pleased and have never had a more pleasurable hard drive crash. Needled to say I have pre-ordered Apple’s Time Capsule, just to have an additional backup layer.

Day 364: Hard Drive Failure

Today marks the 365th day of owning a MacBook. And yesterday, day 364, it started freezing uncontrollably. So naturally, I rebooted. And to my dismay was welcomed with the 4 language ‘Please restart your mac’ screen.


So I restarted again, and again, and again. The first tech support person I talked to was an idiot, and he was in a rush to get me off the phone. So once I started running a Disc Repair, by booting from the Leopard CD, he said “Here is your case ID, good luck, and goodnight.” After 5 attempts, Disc Repair said ‘Unable to repair Disc’. The Tech guy told me if this happened I should try and install a fresh copy of leopard. In fact the convo went something like this:

I said “I’ve been using time Machine can’t I just restore from backup?”

He replies “First you have to install a fresh copy of Leopard, then run time machine in leopard and follow the instructions on how to restore from backup.” This all seemed really counter-intuitive to me and he could sense my disbelief.

So he said, “I will send you links to instructions on how to do this.”
Ok, Cool.

This is what he sent me. Wow, that’s not helpful at all.

So I did my own research and ran a ‘Restore from Time Machine Backup’ off of the Leopard install Cd. This finished in about 2 hours. Now when I booted, it got stuck at the moving gear apple logo screen.


I rebooted in Verbose mode and was now greeted with this lovely repeating kernel message:

disk0s2: 0xe0030005 (UNDEFINED).
disk0s2: 0xe0030005 (UNDEFINED).
disk0s2: 0xe0030005 (UNDEFINED).
disk0s2: 0xe0030005 (UNDEFINED).
disk0s2: 0xe0030005 (UNDEFINED).

Ran a Google search on the message, and turned up this site. Looks like I got a hard drive failure. So today, I re-dialed Tech Support. This guy, was more intelligent. I told him what I had uncovered from the google search and that I had a hard drive failure. He told me to boot from the Leopard Cd, run Disk Utility, and see if the drive is still Smart Verified. Yes, it was. But I told him I had read online that this exact problem has happened to several other people and in their case, their drive was also Smart Verified. He told me to hold on for 3-5 minutes as he checked Apples Tech Support database. He returned, told me I needed a new hard-drive. Reeeeeeaaallllly.

So, now I’m waiting for my new drive. Good thing I have AppleCare.

On another note: It sucks you can’t boot from a Time Machine backup. After this experience, I am thinking of buying a Time Capsule and using my current firewire drive for a nightly Caron Copy Cloner backup. Wow, even after this experience I want to spend $300 on a another Apple product. That’s power. Anyway, I cant produce my Thursday episode of 60 Seconds because of this hiccup and that sucks. Just wanted to vent to the world. Peace out.

A day in technology

This is today’s 60 Seconds. The entire episode focuses on advances in technology. Something I thought was rather cool and unusual, as I had never done a full tech episode. I’m sure you can tell I had a blast playing around with the sound effects and background music provided in iMovie. Kept me busy for awhile :p Let me know your thoughts in the comments or here. Thanks and enjoy!

Theatrical News, Is Bad News

Just stumbled upon this video, compliments of Dave Winer. Do yourself a favor and watch this video. If anything, just to hear Jon Stewart rip on dudes Bow Tie. I whole heartedly agree with John, not just about the Bow Tie, but everything he so casually details. About a year ago, I covered this from a different perspective.

Cheapest Car Ever

In this episode of 60 Seconds I talk about the Tata Nano; a truly awesome piece of motor madness. The specified cost of $2500 is what really blows me away. That’s the price of a 15-inch MacBook Pro, does anyone else see anything wrong with this?