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I want one?

The Amazon Kindle, an awesome device from an awesome company. The Kindle (video here), will truly efficientize reading; something I am all about. My only questions and concerns are:

  • Getting books your already own, onto the Kindle
  • The death of sharing books
  • International wireless access? to the Kindle bookstore, newspapers, and blogs.
  • Getting the notes and clippings from your Kindle onto your computer
  • Using the Kindle search function on your computer

In case you are wondering, I am have not placed my order, yet. I still need to scrounge up 400 bones and I want to wait a bit for the general reaction of people who actually own a Kindle, not just from those making making assumptions.

Although, Guy Kawasaki does have a great review:

“…if someone gave me a choice of receiving an iPhone or a Kindle, I’d pick the Kindle.”

Hey Scoble, how I can get $40 per Kindle referral? ;p

Update: Engadget has a pretty good hands on review; also many pictures. And they partially answer one of my concerns:

“You can bind five or six devices to a single account, and share books you’ve purchased to those accounts. There’s no simultaneous reading lock, so if you and your significant other are on the same Amazon account you can both read the same book at the same time on your Kindles.”

Simultaneous reading = badass.