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The Internet Destroys Culture

I read the piece, copied below the fold, in todays WSJ and it got the wheels turning. I am not sure I agree with Elizabeth Wurtzel’s argument in whole. I do understand the exportation of American Pop culture and its effects around the world and how it has helped America “conquer the world”, but I am not sure that decreased profitability for music and movies translates into a loss of American Popculture.The argument that music producers are honing in on one-hit-wonders because people buy music or steal music a-la-carte via the Internet does not resonate with me. I have no doubts that album and music sales are less profitable today then say 10 or 20 years ago. However to translate that idea into the argument that producers are focusing on one-hit-wonders does not make sense to me. Have you ever heard of a concert comprised of just 1 song?For what album sales lack in profits producers and artists can make up for in ticket sales. Use music as a marketing tool to sellout concerts, in compilation with memorabilia etc.Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead understand the “new world order” and are currently trying to figure out what works, not by fighting the tide by but utilizing the tides momentum to catapult theirs brands and art into another dimension.This brief rebuttal to Wurtzel’s agrument is aimed to generate thoughts from YOU.Do you think the internet is destroying American Made Entertainment? Blast some knowledge in the comments, or in a blog post of your own. Continue reading